A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc.

A-PLUS is a privately-held solutions company focused on providing broadband infrastructure design, deployment, and operations for private and public clients across the United States and overseas. A-PLUS clients include cities, counties, and regional telecommunication authorities, as well as private telecommunications service providers.

As one of the most experienced minority-owned and managed broadband infrastructure companies in the country, A-PLUS is uniquely qualified to develop holistic broadband infrastructure solutions tailored to each customer's unique requirements.

• A-PLUS has a proven track record in integrating economic development and technology.

• A-PLUS is a leading source for software and educational solutions.

• A-PLUS is a vertically-integrated provider of economic development solutions based on broadband and electric products.

This unique combination makes A-PLUS a solid choice for any community looking to use technology as key component in their economic development and growth strategy.

Call us or send a message using our contact us form and let's discuss how we can work together to establish a sustainable economic growth plan founded on bedrock A-PLUS solutions.

“America today is on the verge of a broadband-driven internet era that will unleash innovation, create new jobs and industries, provide consumers with new powerful sources of information, enhance American safety and security, and connect communities in ways that strengthen our democracy.”
President Barack Obama, March 16, 2010