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     “The assistance we have received from A-PLUS has been invaluable in the creation of the South Central Alabama Broadband Commission. They have played a pivotal role in guiding us through the organization process, especially in the effort to gain the confidence and participation of the counties and municipalities that comprise the area we will serve.

     “They shared with us their vision of bringing a ‘next generation’ broadband infrastructure to our underserved region. With their help, we will be able to reap economic and quality of life benefits never before imaginable.”

     — Charlie King, Jr., Chairman, South Central Alabama Broadband Commission

     “I am writing to express our deep appreciation for your role in the success of Trillion Communications Corporation securing a major Broadband Technologies Opportunity Grant. Your commitment, along with other in-kind providers, massed a total of $1,331,500 needed to qualify for the award.

     “The contribution of A-PLUS Community Solutions Inc., (A-PLUSCSI), has been accepted by the funding source with a value attached of $250,000. A-PLUSCSI's contribution of engineering design, and operating software licensing for the Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI) is highly valued. Further, I anticipate that your participation will not end with the formation of the Public/Private Partnership with government organizations whose jurisdictions make up the target area, but that A- PLUSCSI will serve as a long-term infrastructure partner of the South Central Alabama Broadband Commission, (South Central ABC).”

     — Ralph E. Brown, CEO, Trillion Communicatins Corporation



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