What We Do

Today, communities of all sizes are seeking answers to community development and economic development challenges. Citizens are looking to their governments for answers and demanding solutions. The traditional urban and suburban economic development models have not been changed in the last 30 to 40 years. Typically, each community must position itself to be attractive to investors, developers, and corporations. Successful communities have used innovative marketing strategies to enhance their competitiveness. Success is usually tied to the individuals that establish and run the programs in each community. It is not uncommon for a community to exhibit zero success in economic development for periods as long as 10 years.

For more than 14 years, A-PLUS and its legacy companies have demonstrated tremendous success in several communities. Through internal research and development, A-PLUS has developed proven systematic solutions in a variety of economic development areas.

The culmination of our research and development efforts has been summarized in a single white paper that focuses on a model for sustainable economic growth. The whitepaper is available by simply filling out our contact form and requesting our whitepaper in addition to telling us a little about your community.

We have two primary tools that we use to assist our communities to achieve this sustainable economic growth:

These tools are the Converged Broadband Infrastructure™ (CBI) and the Adaptive Electric Architecture™ (AEA).


Converged Broadband Infrastructure™ (CBI)

Adaptive Electric Architecture™ (AEA)