The Adaptive Electric Architecture™

(AEA) Solution

AEA™ will use a combination of distributed power generation with real time usage monitoring to save a significant amount of power and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. The AEA™ utilizes renewable fuels such as biodiesel and methane gas, in generators placed in aesthetically pleasing sound insulated buildings. Certain bio-fuels will be grown on the roof of the facility. Other bio-fuels are made from specifically selected crops that are grown locally. One self-sustaining power generation facility can house multiple 2.5 megawatt generators or be scaled down to as small as a single 400 kilowatt generator.

These facilities will use the patented CBI™ to have instantaneous feedback on the amount of power being used at a particular time. This feedback will be used to scale power generation to match usage thereby minimizing wasted fuel and power. These facilities will be erected directly within the communities they serve to minimize the loss due to distance.

We expect that the AEA™ will generate an efficiency of more than 90%. This will reduce our dependency on foreign produced fossil fuel, reduce wasted energy, and lower the cost of energy to positively impact economic development. This will significantly reduce our carbon footprint while promoting social responsibility.

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The Traditional Problem

The AEA™ Solution

Competitive Alternatives