Converged Broadband Infrastructure™ (CBI)

A-PLUS calls its technology "Converged Broadband Infrastructure" owing to the fact that its design is free of incumbent and legacy wired infrastructure that is incapable of supporting next generation capacity.

Perfected next generation broadband technology is in practice in other parts of the globe and represents a quantum leap from the majority of "broadband" strategies and commitments present here in the United States. CBI™ does make use of parts of existing infrastructure such as underutilized fiber, if it is as presently capable and future proof as the CBI™ deploys. However, where existing capacity does not meet the CBI™ standard, it will be bypassed. In this manner, CBI™ eclipses other "broadband" plans and proposals that seek merely to move incrementally from dialup, to DSL, DSL+, and to Cable — but not much beyond.

When complete within designated markets, ACBI™ delivers seamless wired and wireless connectivity to virtually every residential, commercial, and institutional end user in the market. On day one, CBI™ will deliver 500 Mbps to each user, and in a second phase (the timing of which is based on rates of penetration and adoption), will ramp the speed up to 1,000 Mbps — 30 to 60 times faster than fastest speeds attainable using self-limiting legacy infrastructure.

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