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What’s behind the “tag line” Identifying Systemic Problems and Designing Agile Solutions. Click on the about button above to get a peek into what sets us apart.


Who We Are

Our team of professionals has over 145 years of collective knowledge and expertise, giving us a unique advantage in developing comprehensive solutions for companies across a broad range of industries.


We deliver results-oriented and cost-effective software, hardware, and system architectural solutions to help businesses maximize revenue, minimize operational expenses, develop new profit centers, and modernize business processes for exponential growth.


Why Choose Us

We don’t clutter our communication with consultant-speak designed to make your issues appear more complex than they really are. We prefer to keep our language and solutions friendly, simple, and effective.

We’re experienced

We are experienced professionals who will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We are flexible

Because we are a small firm, we’re also responsive, flexible, agile, and client-oriented.

We are effective

We are reliable and our focus is on your success before our work is complete.

We are cost-effective

We adapt as your needs change, with the cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can’t match.

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Our Leadership

Antoine Smith

Chairman & CEO


Antoine is an experienced consultant with more than 25 years of experience in executive management, leadership, and financial business consulting for multiple companies. Antoine has served as the entrepreneur in residence to a  major university, and an advisor to multiple CEOs resulting in up to 5 times the growth of their companies.

Larry J. Morrow

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


Larry is a distinguished veteran with 24 years of service to our country. Larry continued his service as an educator, university researcher, and innovator with multiple patent-pending discoveries in the telecommunications and electric utility sectors. His innovative firsts have been instrumental in changing the economic future of several small to medium-sized communities, both in the United States and internationally.

David Cochran

Senior VP & Chief Solutions Architect


Sadly we lost David after a many-year battle with his health. His picture and accomplishments will remain with us forever as the solutions that he spearheaded are among the most innovative and solutions-oriented within our portfolio of offerings. We will miss David and his contributions as we search for his replacement as the architecture of solutions are at the core of our business strategy.