Mission & Strategy

A-PLUS Mission & Strategy


The mission of A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc., is to provide strategic infrastructure to unserved and underserved communities to enhance economic development and subsequent job creation.



The strategy of A-PLUS is to leverage public-private partnerships and core technologies to create and deploy unique solutions that will address our target markets in an unparalleled fashion. We will use this strategy in 3 areas of infrastructure: Converged Broadband Infrastructure©; Adaptive Electric Architecture©; and Information Sharing and Exchange©.


Background Information

• 40% of Americans live in 20 major cities.

• Currently significant investment in broadband, comprehensive database information and traditional power infrastructure does not exist in rural America.

• 623 counties are considered underrepresented and suffer from the digital divide in the southeastern U.S. alone.

• Multiple countries around the world will be able to use the same broadband infrastructure solution developed for rural


America because the same issues need to be solved technically:

• Distance between homes or businesses
• Need for redundancy
• Power not easily accessible to components
• Need for a wireless overlay

• President Obama has established a national objective to provide 80% of Americans with access to broadband within the next five years.


Strategic Opportunity

A-PLUS has the unique opportunity to solve critical rural community problems with core technology and an innovative business model. In doing so, A-PLUS will enable the served communities to foster economic development by attracting businesses to an area that will be cost-effective to do business and potentially bring jobs back to America. A-PLUS has the pleasure of being a socially responsible entity while growing a very healthy business that enjoys success as the community that implements the solution enjoys success. Our core strategy leverages the Public-Private Partnership foundation combined with the Converged Broadband Infrastructure© framework to support other proprietary products and services to make available to our target market.

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