ECoE (Center Of Excellence)


                         The E3 CoE (Center Of Excellence)

Our unique step-by-step guide to designing and implementing The ECoE (CENTER Of EXCELLENCE) provides our community partners with a proven method to achieve sustained growth in Education, Economic Development, and Entrepreneurship sectors within their community. As stated in our name, our corporate mission is to bring positive A-PLUS solutions to our marginalized, underserved, and unserved communities. Our belief is that a strong nation is only as strong as its smallest communities. Within our guide are unique guiding principles identified with graphic symbols. The symbols and their definition and use are listed below.

Key Concept

The “Key Icon” will always be displayed in order to stress the fact that the content to follow is a “Key Concept” in implementing a methodology and/or process for better results in designing and deploying the E3 CoE  (Center Of Excellence) business case.


The “Caution Icon” will always be displayed in order to stress the fact that the next necessary steps in the process should be taken with utmost “Caution.”

Guiding Idea

The “Guiding Idea Icon” will always be displayed to set forth an idea or (set of principle ideas) which we have found to be a meaningful way of validating the philosophical approach that A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc. had in mind when designing the business model for the ECoE (Center Of Excellence.)


The “Toolkit Icon” will always be displayed to set forth a practical device, technology, or technique that will act as a “Force Multiplier,” and allow you to do more with less.

Team Exercise

The “Team Exercise Icon” will always be displayed in order to stress the fact that the content to follow is an opportunity to build camaraderie, team unity, and further secure the ‘buy-in of all team members; and most importantly to ensure that they embrace and understand their roles and responsibilities. A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc. has learned that these are great teaching opportunities, and an even greater opportunity to increase capabilities and skill-sets.


The “Cameo Icon” will always be displayed whenever there is an opportunity for one of the A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc, subject matter experts to advise, consult and/or provide in-person training and guidance on “Best Practices” of design and implementation.


The “Resources Icon” will always be displayed in order to set forth recommendations of books, articles, white papers, and pre-recorded media content which we have found invaluable.


The “Methodologies Icon” will always be displayed in order to set forth the actual methodology in real-world applications. The techniques used by A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc. are gleaned from an exhaustive repository of “Lessons Learned,” and give our clients the benefit of avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes in implementing a ECoE (Center Of Excellence) model. ---- We’ve learned from mistakes, so you don’t have to!

A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc. stands ready, willing, and able to “facilitate” and/or host educational events and/or work sessions, online training, or works shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients; in order to ensure the success of standing up a ECoE (Center Of Excellence) within your community.

Key Objective: The ECoE acts more like a “trifecta” deliverer of sustainable economic value. Therefore the approach that may be taken in standing up an ECoE (Center Of Excellence) is not restrictive but “fluid.” Any one of the extended value propositions of Education, Economic Development, and Entrepreneurship may be the mainstay of the center. Whether it be led by educational initiatives in the form of a school, an economic development initiative that may act as would any viable CDC (Certified Development Corporation) and/or EDC (Economic Development Corporation); or even as a Business Incubator and/or Entrepreneurship Innovation Facility, the strategic objective is driven by the decisions, goals, and objectives of the stakeholders. ---- Bottom Line, there are no strict mandates for how the center may function in delivering value to the community that it may serve.