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A-PLUS History

A-PLUS Community Solutions, Inc., was initially incorporated in 1998 as Newnan Technologies, Inc., with a focus on consulting services across the information technology spectrum. From 2001 through 2008, the company operated as a part of a joint venture as A-PLUS Technology, Inc.

Throughout its history and until its reconstitution and name change in 2009, A-PLUS has a 100% record of successfully implemented projects. The focus of the reconstitution was the assembly of the best strategic partners and the most innovative leadership team in three key industries: Broadband technologies, education technologies, and economic development technologies.


The company has been successful in hiring a stellar team of executives, signing a number of strategic partnerships with leading-edge companies, and establishing a unique and innovative approach that integrates technology, application, and teamwork.

The key assets are the Converged Broadband Infrastructure©, a platform that when implemented fosters and supports economic development, seamless education, and community growth, and the Adaptive Electric Architecture© a platform that lowers or eliminates energy costs, provides additional revenues, and creates a unique economic development characteristic to enhance the attractiveness of the community to firms looking relocate into the area.

Project History

Newnan Utilities:

Redesigned SONET fiber system to Gigabit Ethernet system for integration of substation telemetry data acquisition design, electric utility operations, and maintenance, electric utility-grade software programs for planning, engineering, facility management, geographical information system (GIS), and telecommunication services.


Georgia State Department of Education:

A-PLUS and its legacy companies were selected by the Georgia State Department of Education (DOE) to design and provide train-the-trainer classes for 14 regional education support agencies on how to integrate the Internet into the classroom. After successfully completing this contract, the Georgia DOE demonstrated its confidence in A-PLUS by providing a sole-source contract for a modified A-PLUS software package to provide a converged continuing education teacher continuing education registration system for all certified educators.


MEAG Power:

For the past 15 years, A-PLUS and its executives have been directly responsible for the expansion and stabilization of management and operational efficiencies for MEAG Power and its 48 member cities. MEAG Power is one of three companies providing integrated electrical service in the State of Georgia. This experience and responsibility ranged from substation telemetry data acquisition design, electric utility operations, and maintenance, and electric utility-grade software programs for planning, engineering, and facility management.


Fiber optic based consulting services:

A-PLUS and its legacy companies have provided engineering, construction management, training, operations, operational support and service design for the following clients:

     • Newnan Utilities, Georgia (now NuLink Digital Services)
     • South Central Alabama Broadband Commission, Alabama
     • Fairburn Utilities, Georgia (purchased by Comcast digital Services)
     • Paulding County School System, Georgia
     • Scottsboro Electric Power Board, Alabama
     • Georgia Power telecommunications, Georgia (now Southern Telecom Inc)
     • MEAG Power Telecom, Georgia (Now Georgia Public Web)
     • The Utility Commission of Fort Valley, Georgia
     • City of Dublin Fiber Optic Services, Georgia
     • Dalton Utilities, Georgia
     • Marietta Fiber Net, Georgia (now American Fiber Systems)
     • Cities of Carrolton and Austell, Georgia
     • City of Westlake, Louisiana
     • City of Jackson, Mississippi


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